Junior Tennis

If you are unsure of which level is right for your child, please call Center Court to schedule a FREE 30 minute assessment.

The competition levels are geared for juniors looking to advance their skills and play at the competitive level through tournaments, high school and college

Bronze Level - Juniors improve their stroke production and begin to play out points and sets. Players understand how to keep score.Students are encouraged to play matches.

Silver Level- Players continue to work on their stroke production and now are able to place balls where they aim. They also get their first serve in most of the time. Players can rally with peers and are starting to play competitively. Students are encouraged to play Rookie Net and participate in matches and begin to play appropriate level competitions.

Gold Level- (Pro Admit) Players are working on their technique while learning to strategize on the court. Players are encouraged to play USTA sanctioned tournaments and Club Match Play.

Platinum Level - (Pro Admit) A class geared for high level tournament, state qualifiers and varsity level players. This class uses competitive and cooperative live ball drilling to enhance skills for competitive players.

Quickstart / Young Quickstart Geared towards players 10 years and under.

** We require juniors to sign up and participate in the entire session of classes to promote a better learning environment, class management and insures proper instructor/student ratio.